“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~Aristotle


"We all have access to knowing ourselves. We’ve just layered ourselves under habits of thinking, avoiding, running, and being busy and distracted instead of meeting what is—our beautiful, joyful true nature." ~~ Cat Li Stevenson

About Getting Mindful

Getting Mindful: Adults & Youth Classes

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by  focusing one's attention on the present moment.  It’s getting out of 'autopilot', the wandering  mind (which research shows we're in 47% of our day! That's almost 1/2  the day not paying attention to what we're doing!) and into our moment-to-moment experiences. It's being aware and present to your life!

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice & Techniques:


* Create Awareness of self, others, &   environment

*  Attention Control

* Attention Strengthening

*  Emotion regulation

*  Impulse Control

*  Respond versus react

*  Improve Relationships

*  Reduce stress

*  Reduce/manage anxiety

*  Present Moment Awareness versus day dreaming  

Mindfulness is now in the forefront in our Western culture & studied extensively in the Science world. These studies are showing that with a regular practice, these benefits can occur for adults & youth.

​When we are present, we give up dwelling on past events & future worries of unknown events, leaving anxiety behind. We  give up living with continuous stress and the unhealthy hormones  Cortisol & Adrenalin that accompany it, leaving stress related  illness behind.  We  learn to respond rather than react to experiences. The more we do that,  the fewer regrets there are and the the more connections we have with friends, family, peers; and therefore, we are happier.

Improving  well being is more than just a short term decision, it’s a lifestyle  commitment. 

My classes provide an excellent opportunity to  learn techniques to exercise and strengthen the mind's focus and relax  the body by calming the nervous system. Once you learn these powerful techniques, you will have them for a life time.

Check out my up coming classes being offered and join the mindful movement happening in our western culture  today. 

Some of the techniques you will learn from these classes:

Mindful Meditation: What it is and why

Mindful of our thoughts and why

Mindful of our body sensations - Our body is wise counsel if we pay attention to it

Mindful Eating

Mindful of Emotions & managing the difficult ones mindfully 


Mindful communications to help improve our relationships

Parade Magazine:

“The   #1 Health-Booster in 2015; politicians, children, celebrities, athletes,   executives are doing it…Shouldn’t You


Adult Classes

Everyone has had the experience of our emotions making us feel out of control and then saying or doing something that we later wish we could take back. The reason this happens is that there wasn’t enough present moment awareness before the action for us to discern whether or not we actually wanted to do or say that.   By being mindful you’re not acting out on auto-pilot and you have created some space whereby giving yourself choices. 

The bottom line is that Mindfulness empowers people to respond rather than react.  As your mindfulness coach, I will help you get there!

Adult  6 Week Program



Wednesday Feb. 19 - March 25  (recurring)

6:45 - 8:15 p.m.



NoVA Playlabs

3656 Centerview Dr., Unit #10, Chantilly, VA 20151

 (intersection of Routes 50 & 28))


Getting Mindful In The Workplace

Contact  me for Getting Mindful workshops at your place of business. From one  hour mindful practices to 4 - 6 week mindful basics workshops to learn  stress reduction practices, peer awareness & communications and attention  strengthening techniques, aka, Mindfulness in the workplace.   :-) 


Please contact me  to learn more about adult classes for presence, stress reduction and  attention strengthening techniques, aka, Mindfulness :-) 

Julie Pearl: Julie@gettingmindful.com 



Youth Classes - Grades K-12

    Our kids are facing  challenges we never encountered as youth such as social media, excessive screen time and a dependence on devices. Mindfulness is a life skill that can help us to lead a more balanced healthy life.

Classes include: breathing games (breath awareness) for stress reduction and emotional regulation, kid friendly Neuroscience of mindfulness: why we behave the way we do (fight flight freeze) and how to change our old habits

Activities to learn and practice presence of mind to have awareness of self and others

Contact me for private sessions or to  create your 6 week class in your area. 

2nd - 5th Grade -- 8 Week Class


Wednesday TBD (recurring)

4:30 - 5:20



NoVA Playlabs

3656 Centerview Dr., Unit #10, Chantilly, VA 20151

(intersection of Routes 50 & 28)


Contact me to learn more about youth classes for 

kids paying attention to living :-)  

Julie Pearl: Julie@gettingmindful.com


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